Ten minutes a day

If you have been following my crochet blog you will already have seen this picture

and probably this one too:

The top strip has now been added to the bottom of the above, but the light has been abysmal, so no photograph as yet. The blanket is quite large. It consists of 360 granny squares of three rounds. Work began on it on December 1 2016 and all grannies were finished by November 30 2017.

The blanket is based on the temperatures between the above dates, and you can read a little about it here. It was easy to do – and each square took about 10 minutes each day. This fitted in with many other projects, most of which were other blankets. The squares were joined into strips as I worked – and the strips became larger blocks which were joined to each other. I really enjoyed the process, and am planning on producing another blanket this year – but using my scraps of yarn and stash instead of being guided by weather colours.

The plan is to work just one square a day. I will begin with my leftovers as they ‘stand’, but these will change as some are used up and others may change if they are needed for another project. The Granny Square is simple, but you could substitute this for any other small block pattern that uses three rounds, for instance a ‘solid square’. I may decide to use a circle in a square pattern for my blanket, but that is still in the melting pot. It doesn’t matter how many colours you have the system I have in mind will work.

Fancy joining in? Join us in the Facebook group  I’ll be posting more information in the coming days – and the crochet will begin in earnest on Jan 1 2018. Pass the word too – the more the merrier, it will be good to see what everyone is doing. Information will also be posted monthly on this blog and also on Instagram.


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