Christmas is over!

Yes, it’s over, and so too, soon, will be the year! How has your crochet year been? I’ve written a little about mine here. I hope you will pop over and take a look.

2018 is the year I want to reduce my stash! I have several plans for the year which are in fact included in the above post, but I want to use as much of my yarn as possible, because I’m running out of storage space. I shared a little about my plans to use small lengths.

I’ve actually made a start! The centre of these squares only takes about a metre, and the more colour the better – so as long as you have something as a joining colour it’s a good way to use up those ends which are just too long to throw away. Make sure you weave your ends in as you progress – it’s a long job if you leave it until the end.

Larger quantities of yarn will be use for a series of corner to corner blankets. These are great fun because firstly there is no need to make a long starting chain to start, and secondly it’s easy to work out yarn quantities. The more colours you use the larger the blanket will be, obviously, divide your yarn into two halves – use the first for the increase section and the second for the decreasing rows. I’ve made a start on one of these, I’ll share details soon.


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