Lots of small quantities?

Sometimes these are the hardest colours to use. How far will they go? Do I need to buy more? When I have just a small amount I add it to a basket and make a collection. Working with colour for over 40 years has taught me that sometimes More really is MORE, so I just keep adding until I have a goodly amount.

The other thing that I’ve learnt is that sometimes it isn’t worth worrying about a joining colour. If you are working with lots of colours adding one more won’t matter – so either use one that is in quantity. It doesn’t have to be a neutral colour!

I turned this blanket into a little game. Each colour was numbered (I used 30 colours but it would work with any quantity) and I used a random counter to make each square. Once a particular colour was finished I just allocated another to the same number. This ensured a good mix.

Each square took 15 minutes INCLUDING SEWING IN THE ENDS!

Go for it!


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