Corner to Corner

If you haven’t tried a corner to corner blanket I can assure you that they are an excellent way of using up quantities of stash. The name explains the technique – you start in a corner and increase until you are halfway – then decrease towards the opposite corner. I was introduced to this technique by a friend across the Pond who directed me to this video. It explains it well, so take a while to watch if this is a new idea.

They are remarkably quick to finish. Whether you use a single colour or several there are less ends to weave in than with a granny square blanket – and you could even incorporate them into a fringe if you want a change.

I’ve started my firs of the year. In fact, I began it just a few days ago. I’m not halfway yet – but here it is so far.

I’m just choosing the colours as I get there. 9 rows of each colour so far – but who knows what will happen as I move on. #nuvofeltstashbuster is the hashtag to use if you are joining in with any of these exercises. Let me know.


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