More scraps

I’m not sure what it’s been like with you – but here has been quite mild, with alternating brilliantly blue or dowdy. overcast and grey skies. Some parts of the UK have had snow and sleet, we haven’t, but as it’s only January that may change.

Sitting cosily at home it’s easy to ignore the cold weather, but not so easy if you are homeless. A chance remark on Instagram really brought this home to me, especially as it had a link to a Facebook page asking for granny squares to make blankets for this cause. There are ‘Pods’ of the group all around the UK and a quick enquiry will put you in touch with your local one. I’ve decided that the least I can do is make a square a day and send them along.

Why not join in? I’m going to send them along when I’ve made 10. Eight rounds makes 6 inches and uses less than 15g of acrylic DK yarn. Leave me a comment if you decide to join in.

The C2C is coming along well too, I’m over half way.

How are you doing with your stashbusting?





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