This post could also have been entitled ‘Don’t do as I do’.

I have a basket of scrap balls

Even the larger ones are small. I’ve been using them as the first round of granny squares, but they aren’t going down very quickly. I’ve avoided using them for anything larger because, although I love weaving in ends, too many ends becomes an insurmountable problem.

Finally, however, I have a project in which they can be used!

I’m making a blanket for a puppy. Colours don’t matter, and as it will probably be destroyed quite quickly the finishing isn’t essentially perfect.

I was taught to crochet by my grandmothers. Fortunately they were both good examples and each built upon the teaching of the other with no sense of competition. Both insisted that knitting and crochet should NEVER include a knot, no matter how small. NEVER? Well, there was one, and only one, exception!

You’ve probably guessed! It was allowed in an animal blanket!

Interestingly enough, they both used and taught me the same knot. It was called a ‘fidget knot’ and is not dissimilar to the Russian knot that I have seen advocated on various other websites.

By pulling each end the knot tightens and secures the two yarn lengths together.

So, thanks to the fidget knot I have now joined a few of those scraps together to make a larger ball.

Please don’t use any sort of knot anywhere in your work for either adults or children, especially babies. They are uncomfortable and show an element of inexpertise.

So, off we go. The pup is 4 weeks old. Hopefully I can finish this before it arrives at its new home.

I’m recovering from a bout of ‘flu and sitting looking at the snow, so I don’t really have an excuse, do I?


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